Sunday, May 07, 2006

That Hugo Thing

Last year in Glasgow, at Interaction, the World Science Fiction Convention, Kim Newman and I introduced and hosted the Hugo Award ceremony. And hey, our little double-act received a nomination for the Hugo for best short dramatic presentation:

Battlestar Galactica: "Pegasus" (NBC Universal/British Sky Broadcasting; Directed by Michael Rymer; Written by Anne Cofell Saunders)
Doctor Who: "The Empty Child" & "The Doctor Dances" (BBC Wales/BBC1; Directed by James Hawes; Written by Steven Moffat)
Doctor Who: "Dalek" (BBC Wales/BBC1; Directed by Joe Ahearne; Written by Robert Shearman)
Doctor Who: "Father's Day" (BBC Wales/BBC1; Directed by Joe Ahearne; Written by Paul Cornell)
Jack-Jack Attack (Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation; Written & Directed by Brad Bird)
Lucas Back in Anger (Reductio Ad Absurdum Productions; Directed by Phil Raines; Written by Phil Raines and Ian Sorensen)
Prix Victor Hugo Awards Ceremony (Opening Speech and Framing Device; Written and performed by Paul McAuley and Kim Newman; Directed by Mike & Debby Moir)

If, for whatever reason, you’re interested in seeing what we got up to, the organisers of Interaction have made a video of the introductory speech available at the convention’s web site. You can even compare it with the script.


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