Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Out Today

It's a collection of new stories about Artificial Intelligence, edited by the inestimable Peter Crowther. (For what it's worth, I wrote the introduction.)

UPDATE: Can't find a TOC anywhere on t'web, and I tidied away the copies of the stories I was given, but authors include Stephen Baxter, Brian Stableford, Eric Brown, James Lovegrave, Adam Roberts, Tony Ballantyne, Steven Utley, Marly Youmans, Robert Reed, Paul Di Filippo, Patrick O'Leary, Garry Kilworth, Keith Brooke, Ian Watson, and Chris Roberson. A pretty cool bunch.


Blogger John D. said...

1. "Tempest 43" by Stephen Baxter
2. "The Highway Code" by Brian Stableford
3. "Salvage Rites" by Eric Brown
4. "The Kamikaze Code" by James Lovegrove
5. "Adam Robots" by Adam Roberts
6. "Seeds" by Tony Ballantyne
7. "Lost Places of the Earth" by Steven Utley
8. "The Chinese Room" by Marly Youmans
9. "Three Princesses" by Robert Reed
10. "The New Cyberiad" by Paul Di Filippo
11. "That Laugh" by Patrick O'Leary
12. "Alles in Ordnung" by Garry Kilworth
13. "Sweats" by Keith Brooke
14. "Some Fast Thinking Needed" by Ian Watson
15. "Dragon King of the Eastern Sea" by Chris Roberson

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