Monday, October 12, 2009

Commercial Break

The Royal Observatory at Greenwich and Sci-Fi London are presenting the premiere of a new SF-based planetarium show on October 23rd. Buying a ticket gets you into the observatories galleries, too, and access to all kinds of supporting events, including a panel featuring Jaine Fenn, Tom Hunter, Paul Graham Raven, Alastair Reynolds, and me. We'll be discussing 'whether science fiction authors are wasting their time writing about interplanetary travel, space colonisation and the spread of mankind across the universe given everything science has taught us about the realities, possibilities and costs of doing so.' Gosh, are we?

And next year, in May, I'll be teaching a course on writing SF and Fantasy (you at the back, boy, stop sniggering) at Kingston University. Short, intensive, and hopefully as much fun as this year.


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