Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Buy These Books Or The Blog Gets It*

Two new books.  On the left, the mass-market paperback of In The Mouth Of The Whale.  Which is not a sequel to The Quiet War and Gardens of the Sun, but shares the same future history, and conflates the childhood of a character from those novels, the gene wizard Sri Hong Owen, with what happens to her when she arrives, after a long and difficult voyage, at the star Fomalhaut.  It is published on October 11th.
On the right, the mosaic novel Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback, which is, most definitely, the sequel to Zombie Apocalypse!  In the first novel, a zombie plague spreads after the tomb of an eighteenth century architect, Thomas Moreby, is disturbed; in the second, the human resistance begins to organise itself against the plans of Moreby and his undead army.  It's published on October 4th in the UK, and November 1st in the US; the table of contents can be found here.

*Not really. But it would nice if you did.


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