Monday, January 28, 2013

Evening's Empires - Some Key Words

Gajananvihari Pilot. Pabuji's Gift. Kabadiwallahs. The iconography of the Bright Moment. Microscopic jitter. Tick-tock philosophers. Head doctors. Dacoits. Discorporate tankies. Ascetic minstrels. Skull feeders. Spire builders. The Free People. 207061 Themba. The forests of Vesta. Chandelier cities. Ophir, the world-city, a.k.a. The Caves of Steel. Free People. Fei Shen, the Flying Mountain, a.k.a Wufen Shan, the Fifth Sacred Mountain, a.k.a. First New Shanghai. Monoliths. Tannhauser Gate. The Republic of Arden. The ten thousand collectives of Europa. The Commonwealth of Sugar Mountain. The Memory Whole. Seraphs. Waypoints. The Great Expansion. The True Empire. Vacuum organisms. Cratered rubble-piles blanketed in deep layers of dust and debris, mountains of nickel-iron, stony mountains of pyroxene, olivines and feldspar, rocks rich in tarry carbonaceous tars, clays and water ice. Pirates of the asteroids.


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