Saturday, December 07, 2013

Links 07/12/13

As the TV schedules fill up with seasonal specials, end-of-year best of's, and blockbuster films you've either avoided or already seen, here are a few episodes from Out of the Unknown, a fantastic series of SF plays the BBC screened in four series between 1965 and 1971. Helmed by Irene Shubik, many were adapted from original stories by leading US and UK authors of the day. Although most were wiped when the precious videotape on which they were recorded was reused, around twenty survive. So far, no one has released on official DVD collection, although bootlegs exist. And there's also YouTube:

Thirteen to Centaurus, by J.G. Ballard

The Machine Stops, by E.M.Forster

Tunnel Under The World, by Frederik Pohl

Some Lapse Of Time, by John Brunner

 No Place Like Earth, by John Wyndham


Blogger PeteY said...

These are great. I keep hoping that those who hunt for lost Who may turn up a few of these along line.

December 07, 2013 5:44 pm  

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