Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Thing I Should Have Mentioned Earlier...

I'm taking part in the Gollancz Festival at Waterstone's London Piccadilly branch today, along with a small horde of other authors. It's sold out, but if you're coming along don't forget to bring or buy something for me to sign.

In other news, I appear to be working on a new novel. And I've sold a Jackaroo short story, 'Something Happened Here, But We Don't Know What It Was', to It'll be published in summer next year. My short-story mojo has made a slight return. Not sure where it has been, but I'm glad that it's back and hope that it will stick around so I can do something with a few more ideas that have fallen on me in the past year. Paraphrasing John  Updike, writing short stories is like playing in the waves off a lovely beach; writing novels is like striking out across a choppy sea with no clear destination in sight.


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