Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Very British History

Further to my recent post about, I've posted my story A Very British History at the other place.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Dangercon

Here’s the programme for a small one-day not entirely serious fundraising convention - Plotka.con.pi The Dangercon - at which I’m appearing, along with Kim Newman, Paul Cornell, and many others, on 27 May.

What’s it for? James Bacon, the organiser, writes:
This will be a one-day mini-con in aid of the League of Fan Funds, the Trans Atlantic part of which I am administrating. As you may know its an altruistic fund, sending a European delegate over to the World Science Fiction Convention in the states. The event is timed to coincide with the close of voting in the 2006 race for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF), giving attendees in the UK a last opportunity to vote as well as hearing the winner announced on the night.

12.00 Subverting sex roles in Dangermouse Fandom
13.00 Virtual Guide to a Literary Brentford by Lee Justice and Graham Hill
14.30 ConFounding Tales presents "Death in the Air" The Spine-Chilling tale of the Heisenburg Disaster...
Simon McRory, Dougs Spencer
16:00 Alternative Londons, with Kim Newman, Paul McAuley and Paul Cornell
17.30 Comics one should read, but not by Alan Moore
Jim de Liscard
19.00 Year of the Teledu Fanny Family Fortune Ashes.
20.30 The influences on The Doctor as a character.
Paul Cornell, Kim Newman and Paul McAuley.
(voting will close at 9pm)
22.00 Fan Fund Auction, which will break for the announcement of the TAFF winner.

Alternative Programme, on the roof.
14:00 How to Kung Fu with instructor Jess Bennett.
17:00 D.I.Y. Artist Trading Cards with Flick.

Plokta.con. pi: The Dangercon on Saturday 27 May 2006.
12 noon to 12 midnight in The Horseshoe Inn, 26 Melior Street, London SE1 3QP.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Way It Wasn't

Ellen points me towards another movie. It looks good. If only I had broadband (do you really think that this writing malarky pays enough for me to afford all mod cons?). I’m sure there must be more out there, and I don’t mean Capricorn One.

I love this stuff. It not only allows you to wallow in nostalgia, but also puts history back on the right track. I’ve even made a tiny contribution of my own, in the form of the short story ‘A Very British History.’
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