Saturday, June 24, 2006

Forbidden Planets

I’ve just received the proofs for my story, ‘Dust’, one of a round dozen collected in the anthology Forbidden Planets. Others are by Stephen Baxter, Paul Di Filippo, Scott Edelman, Matthew Hughes, Alex Irvine, Jay Lake, Ian McDonald, Michael Moorcock, Alastair Reynolds, Chris Roberson, and Adam Roberts. Edited by Peter Crowther, with an introduction by Ray Bradbury and an afterword by Stephen Baxter, it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the classic movie.

Another story, ‘Winning Peace’, the one I was writing in April, set in the same future history as ‘Dust’, will appear in Gardner Dozois’s and Jonathan Strahan’s The New Space Opera.
Back now to reading Cowboy Angels (for the first time in three years) and making notes for the many tweaks needed to bring it up to speed.
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