Friday, March 30, 2007

Now Hear This

Alan Kaster of AudioText tells me that ‘Second Skin’ has just been released as a Great Science Fiction Stories audio selection. Check out their list.

‘Second Skin’ was the first of the Quiet War stories, and I’m steadily reaching the end of a novel that draws on them, although there’s been some rearrangement of the furniture for the current narrative dance. It’s been, good grief, ten years since ‘Second Skin’ was first published, and the series didn’t so much evolve as grow in various odd and whimsical directions. Rather than try to patch up their common background, I’ve dismantled it and rebuilt it. Only way to get it humming like a turbojet . . .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Elizabeth Nguyen writes to tell me that she, Mya Dosch, and Dominic Vendell wrote, directed and acted in this interpretation of the science in my novel White Devils as a visual aid for a presentation for their Biotechnology: Health and Society class. She adds: ‘Unfortunately, it is not at its completion - in its live showing each 'biotech' moment was accompanied by a brief description of a biotechnology mentioned in your book. Enjoy!’

I wonder if I convince my publishers that this would be a great way of advertising Cowboy Angels. It would involve rather a lot of guns though. And a cat in a box.
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