Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Not Drowning, Mostly

I haven’t gone away: I’m dealing with proofs for Cowboy Angels, my last chance to make sure everything is shipshape and Bristol-fashion, and trying to push forward the second draft of the next.

Meanwhile, here’s an interview with me in French and English, and a review of Glyphes, the French edition of Mind’s Eye. And here’s the new Steampunk magazine (link via BoingBoing and Warren Ellis), a set of mindblowing images from Cassini’s first two years around Saturn, and news of the coolest brown dwarf yet found, with the mass of just ten Jupiters and a temperature of 430 degrees Centigrade - the surface of Venus is hotter. Oh, and it seems to be just fifty light years away. As I suggested in Four Hundred Billion Stars, brown dwarfs are everywhere.
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