Thursday, June 12, 2014

Under Mars, In Denmark

I've just finished the edits of my new novel, Something Coming Through, and the BFI monograph on Brazil.  Much rereading and rewriting, much adverb hunting, now all done and dusted.  This weekend, I'm one of the guests of honour at Fantasticon 2014, in Copenhagen.  As part of the fun, my first work to be translated into Danish will be on sale: a short story collection, Under Mars, selected and translated by Niels Dalgaard:

Here's the table of contents:

Under Mars indeholder følgende ti noveller: Antarktis begynder her (Antarctica Starts Here), Tilflyttere (Incomers), Under Mars (Under Mars), Festplaneten (All Tomorrow’s Parties), Genkrigene (Gene Wars), Hvordan vi mistede Månen, en sand historie af Frank W. Allen (How We Lost The Moon, A True Story By Frank W. Allen, Rev (Reef), To gange Dick (The Two Dicks), En meget britisk historie (A Very British History) og Dr. Luthers assistent (Dr Luther’s Assistant).
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