Thursday, March 06, 2008


Today is World Book Day in the UK (elsewhere in the world it's celebrated - hooray!- on my birthday), so I thought I'd give away one of my books. And as I will be attending Eastercon in a couple of weeks, I further thought that I would create an opportunity to meet at least one of the people who check in here.

So to win a signed copy of the increasingly hard-to-find hardback of COWBOY ANGELS you have:
(a) to be attending Eastercon
(b) know the answer to the following question: in which Bob Dylan song are cowboy angels mentioned?
(c) No, don't tell me now. Find me at Eastercon. First person to give me the correct answer f2f wins the prize.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Put Out More Flags

The mass-market paperback of Players, my crime novel about role-playing games and a seriously narcissistic wannabe serial killer, is published today. You can buy it here, or in any good bookshop (check the SF section if you can’t find it with the other crime novels). Otherwise, as you were.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

There Are Doors (6)

George Orwell lived at 27a Canonbury Square, Islington in 1945, when he was writing 1984, although much of the work on the novel was done in a remote cottage on the Isle of Jura, Scotland. The entrance to his basement flat wasn’t on the square itself, but through an unassuming gateway around the corner, close to Canonbury Tower.

UnlikelyWorldsfactoid: the grandmother of my friend Kim Newman rented the flat from Orwell while he was on Jura, and as part payment typed up the manuscript of 1984.
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